Rand Bay Botanical Gardens & Resort was established in 2019 as a location of leisure, and to offer a variety of recreational activities. THE MIDWEEK SUN

Btrees and take care of them than buy plants because they wanted a very unique setup of a modern, yet natural garden. They host events including; corporate retreats, camping, social The ever greenery garden’ standard is events such as; weddings, birthday unmatched, as it boasts of water-themed celebrations, showers and any other features in the midst of the bush. celebratory social events.

Co-owner of this place, Ludo Boipelo They are transitioning into making Segwagwe who operates the place a hotel to have a full range of together with her husband, Obakeng services including accommodation Segwagwe, told Sun Expedition that the facilities. Apart from their wide range place is ideally suitable for getaways from of activities including kiddies fun moments, the city. Grand Bay Botanical Gardens

“This is a family friendly place of leisure & Resort also has a bar and restaurant and entertainment suitable for getaways offering those finger-licking treats. from the city,” Ludo said. This place is This even allows for self catering for located 35 km away from Gaborone along the guests. Their menu includes food Boatle and Mmankgodi, in an area called items like grills, scrumptious fries, Fikeng. The place is all about good vibes. cocktails and mocktails. Their mouthwatering

Their ‘water features into the bush ‘ juicy barbecue pork ribs and theme was inspired by their vision to grilled bream tastes divine. bring life into a bushy place. They have The couple told Sun Expedition that since curated amazing water features in their mission is to grow into a fancy the garden, including ponds, amazing rock lifestyle place for families and friends. water falls, as well as a swimming pool. This past weekend they hosted a These water features allow for a lovely the couple told view and especially perfect memories for Sun Expedition that they are introducing those who use the place for their events. more lifestyle events this month

The lovely green trees within the garden end. They would be adding long table are natural. They decided to nurture the branches food to their unique menu.

otswana Travel and Tourism Expo (BTTE) ended on a high note last wWeOekrMin Kasane, after intense product training through destination workshops and educational tours around Botswana.

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BTTE is an eagerly anticipated annual event connecting local businesses with international

The book is an inspirational, practical self-discovery and the voice of others, he Winner’ therefore tells the story of the

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be on sale. The author will also be available The book also provides a step-by-step for hope in what may seem like hopeless

sustainable tourism, highlighting Botswana’s land- for making the event a success and also for autographs. guidance for attaining a winner’s mindset situations.

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mindset, process of building mindset, and find a room in our lives because they are Through this book launch, Pheto the two types of mindsets. harmful,” he said. “Having gone through expects to interact with book lovers.

Pheto said that the book reminds challenges that built an inferiority complex The launch will be held at Itekeng Hall people that nothing is impossible in life and fear, my life was filled with no hope,” in Orapa. turbulent times for the industry’s recovery,” she said. BTO Acting CEO,Keitumetse Setlang shared that BTO actively supports government and private sector initiatives across various tourism domains, cultivating both new and existing cultural, heritage, sports, adventure, gastronomy, and handicraft offerings.

“These events, covering sports, cultural activities, and more, prioritize community participation and generate economic benefits. BTO ensures private sector involvement in event services, promoting local transport, tour operators, and Destination Management Companies. In line with Eco-Tourism practices, BTO advocates for sourcing goods and services locally, aligning with the Eco-Certification Programme,” she said,

The ever greenery garden’ standard is unmatched, as it boasts of water-themed adding that refecoatgunriezsining thempiidvsottoalf rthoelebousfht.he private sector, CBToO-owisnceormomf tithtiesdptlaoceu, the full Acting Minister together at Ministry with of her Environment husband, Obakeng and Tourism, Nnaniki Segwagwe, Makwinja told has Sun encouraged Expedition all the that the

place is ideally suitable for getaways from participants at this Expo to engage in meaningful

the city. discussions, network, and share knowledge and

“This is a family friendly place of leisure ideas on howc to collectively make tourism in

and entertainment suitable for getaways Botswana more sustainable and resilient.“We

from the city,” Ludo said. This place is are determined located to share 35 km the away magic from of Gaborone Botswana along with the world. Boatle I encourage and Mmankgodi, all the in stakeholders, an area called both domFieksetnicg.aTnhdeipnltaecreniastaiollnaablo,uttogowoodrkvibes. with us in achieTvhinegir t‘hweaste rgofeaalstu. rWeseinatroe tohpeebnush ‘ to collaboratiothne,minenowvatsioins,painreddnebwy tihdeiarsvtihsaiotn to can help us prbortiencgtlaifnedinptoroambouteshByoptlsawcea.nTahaesyahave leading sustainsaibncleetoc urraistemddaemstainziantgiowna,”





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