BOMU reinvents itself

• Presents bigger and better awards ceremony


Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) this year promise nothing short of excellence at their BOMU awards and beyond.

Their theme this year is ‘Beyond Music’ and this means that the awards are aimed at promoting the creatives and arts industry beyond just music. Director for events Lab, Seabelo Modibe emphasized that rebuilding the BOMU Music awards brand has not been an easy project but they are glad that it has taken a better shape. They have improved many aspects about the awards and still working to do even better. He noted that they do not want people to think about BOMU as the longest running music awards or show but a spectacular awards show. They have worked on their branding, and have since positioned themselves as a brand that looks out to delivering the best. Modibe reiterated that BOMU should be viewed as a platform that can allow artistes to express themselves and know that their talent is recognized.

“This year’s theme ‘beyond music’ shows our growth and that we are bigger and better, meaning we are superior and better than any other awards. When we started our theme was ‘music beyond’ but we chose to make a difference and start recognizing and awarding the legends beyond music, hence our new theme,” he said. BOMU believes that a show is not a show until it’s a tv show. Therefore they have partnered with a tv station to ensure that their content is viewed by masses. They have also engaged a technical partner who is an event producer to assist with brand plan and manual of the event. Modibe emphasized that including a Technical advisor was worthwhile for their awards and brand valuation. In the next three years, they are guaranteed of digital content, workshops and online training courses with their targeted audiences. He shared that back then, they only prepared for the awards and then wait for the following year but now they are about continuity. They are now fully aware of assert building, and understand the importance of publicity that they never had before. “We never had any enough publicity, nor develop content but this time around winners will be on tv to keep the tv show running and we have brand activations, and also looking out to have one on one interviews with media houses too,” he said. On their agenda they have also done case study of various events. BOMU music awards is the fore indebted to helping artistes market their music and also have an app for artistes to register for awards as they plan to do most of their work digitally and thereby not leave many people out because of logistical issues including destinations where other artistes cannot reach.





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