By Proctor pulls off classy fashion gala


Fashion enthusiasts came out to honour Collections by BK Proctor ‘Express Yourself’ fashion gala this past weekend.

All came looking fabulous and dazzling, as though they were part of the parading models of the night. The setup of the event made the night a lot more interesting with water points at the beautiful Grandpalm Resort. This marked a celebration of a five-year milestone, for the creative Collections by BK Proctor brand. The fashion brand specialises in footwear, clothing apparel and accessories. A lot agree that the brand is simply unique and one of the best local brands. Clearly, this brand was made to set the trends and put Botswana on the international scene when it comes to fashion, according to many fashion enthusiasts. “The brand speaks for itself, it just has that thing. I love the brand so much that whenever I have accessorized my outfit with my socks, which are the only I own from the brand, I am certain that my swagger is complete,” said Temogo Machangane. She told Vibe that although the brand is costly and made for a particular target market, she just associates herself with the brand from a distance. Her view is that all the local brands should have a similar approach as Proctor’s and aim at selling Botswana internationally through fashion. Managing Director at Collections by BK Proctor, Bokang Proctor noted that five years of running a successful brand is an achievement for him. This is why he saw it fit to celebrate the moment in time by hosting this fashion gala. The thoughtful and creative

Proctor played the number five exceptionally as he made the show by showcasing five collections in collaboration with five other brands in the the industry which he has partnered with. These five partners who sealed the deal number five in Proctor’s growth include; KBL, Mascom, First Capital Bank, BoMaid and ALKO liquor distributors. The classy event also opened a dance floor with local renowned artistes who gave their best performances. YAMA’s Artiste of the year and a dear friend to the Collections by BK Proctor’s brand, Han C gave a sterling performance of the night. He performed about five songs and the performance was unmatched, with the best sound quality. Samantha Mogwe and German Dollar also performed at the event and the sounds of Chef Gustos also kept the crowd entertained. Proctor noted that in the next five years, they aim at bringing their own production factory in Botswana and consequently create jobs for the local community. Proctor noted that he believes in collaborations and they are open for collaborations to develop the local creatives and fashion industry. “Collaborations are a good concept between brands as they tap into each other’s market and brings in a lot of growth,” said Proctor, further reiterating that he is forever thankful for the support that he receives daily from individuals and the brands that continue to work with him. His take is that growth is forged through partnerships and he looks forward to expanding his stores across the country to conveniently cater for everyone who likes their brand. Revellers at the fashion gala, rated the event classy and timely. They pleaded with Proctor to consider doing more of related events in the future.





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