YOGAC REMOVES ontrary to common understanding, THE VICTIM Yoga is not just asana (physical exercises). MENTAL

This column seeks to share a broader perspective on the benefits of Yoga to human beings, to raise awareness of how Yoga is a way of life, how practicing it makes life lighter and more meaningful,

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Non-violence in thought, speech and action. Usually we think of violence in action, but this ethical standard challenges us to be peaceful in thought and speech as well. It advocates the practices of compassion, love, understanding, patience, etc.

Truthfulness. Patanjali describes Otnruetphafsutlonressasidaist vteorybbeeianuthifaurlmly,ony thatwititmhamy ninodt,bwe yoorudrafanudltatchtaitoyno.uOur receaicvteidontsheinillli-fteremautmstebnrtinogr ahbaurmseony whein ryeoluatiwoenrsehsipmsa. ll, but now it’s your rNesopno-nstibeialiltiyngtomseetaitnrsignhot.t just

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Continence or self-control, or deepest skeletons and frees us. That

celibacy. At the different stages kind of freedom brings good health

of our lives, we are called to selfdiscipline and very pleasant relationships all and self-control in how round, brings out the best version of ourselves. we deal not only in sexual relations,

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