The importance of visiting the Dentist regularly

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During our times, career guidance services (i.e. vision services, contact was not as developed as it is today, lenses, eye examinations, medical eye we had to do some research on our care, and surgical eye care), diagnose aking care of your mouth and teeth include correct pronunciation examination of the face, neck and own regarding careers. So, after some general disease of the body and treat smile is crucial for your general of words, maintaining facial height, a mouth, investigations (x-rays) and research I settled for Optometry. ocular manifestations of systemic wellbeing. Oral diseases beautiful smile and chewing to start the formulation of a treatment plan Government had offered me schol- diseases. contribute significantly to the the digestion process in order to effectively that the dentist will discuss with arship to do dentistry but I chose to Non Communicable Optometrist is Disease a primary (NCD) healthcare nourish the body. It is therefore the patient. They will then advise stick to my first choice - Optometry. burden professional with untreated of the dental eye and caries visual important to prevent tooth loss by all for subsequent visits depending on After completing my part one BSc at sbyesitnemg sthwehmo opsrtovciodme mcoomnphrehaeltnhsive means possible. your specific needs. She says the FDI University of Botswana, I was admit- conedyietiaondwvoisrilodnwicdaer,e,affwehcictihnginacplu-des Maintaining good oral health and retaining also recommends the following oral ted at the University of Auckland in prorxeifmraacteiolyn 2a.n4dbdililsipoennpsienogp, ldeiagnndosis teeth in the oral cavity requires hygiene practices: brushing twice New Zealand to pursue Optometry. oraalncdanmcaenrargaenmkeendt aomfdoinsegatshese o1f0the regular dental visits throughout the daily for two minutes with a fluoride Upon completion, I came back home moesyt ecoamndmtohnecraenhcaebrisli.tation of condi- course of one’s life. That’s where the toothpaste, replacing your toothbrush as the first Motswana to graduate as Ptieorniosdoofntthael dvisueasles,ygsutemsd.isPeraismeary dental team comes in. after every three months, an Optometrist. I have also done ais aclasroeaomptoonmgehtruymiasnciotym’spcleotme meyoenand Prevention of any disease including flossing at least once a day, eating Masters Degree in Public Health with disevaisieosn, acffaercettihngatuhpigthol5ig0hptsertchenitmopf or- diseases affecting the oral cavity such a balanced low sugar diet, avoiding University of Liverpool in the UK.thetgalnocbealopfopoupltaotmione.try in prevention,as dental caries, periodontal disease tobacco and limiting alcohol intake On my return home in 1996, I joined GheenatlltehHedanudcastDioenn,thael aCltlhinpicr,oGmeont-ion, andBooraglocManocdeirisaisnealways better then among others. If you are experiencing the private sector and subsequentlyeralhDeaelnthtaml Parianctteintiaonceer,,DdiraKgneoksislw, ter-eat- cure. The above mentioned diseases any of the following signs or started my private practice in 2000. Kuimpeernijtsainddwrheehnaabnilintadtiivoindu, aclosunffseerlsing, can allObne taredaateyd-ttoo-pdraeyvebnatstiso,oIthalmosstak- symoprtoeymesi,niflt aismamdvaitsiaobnl.e that you withantdoointhtaecrdhiescoirpsloinreasryincothnesumltoauttiohn, if thienygacraerdeeotef cptaetdieinttsh.eWeaerlayrestjaugsetsnot arrange to see a dentist: struggOlepstwicitahncsoanrsetapnrtimbadrybhreatlhthocrare of thperodvisiedaesresporof ceysse.gThlasesesinoterrcveon-tact FWreHqAueTnAt RfoEodTHtrEapMpiAnJgObRetCwHeAenLpstrreasigchritbfeormwaerddicaantdionstheLtEeeNthG,EDSisBcAoTmSfWorAt genperoaflelyssiisonuanlhsawphpoypwroitvhidtehevirsionraclare tionlsenwsoeusl;dwbee oNrApAaiRnEinFAorCED heatlhthr,outhgihs ruesfuralcltyioanffeacntds dthisepirensseilnf-g relathivaetlytrineaetxpcenrtsaivine. eye-health condi- arouWnIdTHyoIuNr RmEoLuAtThI,OSNenTsOitiEviYtyE tCoARE? esteoepmticaanldaiudlstismuacthelayshsapsecatancelgeast.ive Thtioenws.oIrfldthdeerne’tsaal nfeedyeeraintifoencti(oFnDoI)r an hotW,cHolAdToCrOevNeCnEsRwNeSetDfoOoMdsO,BSaTdOF impact on the individual’s quality of recionmjumrye,nwdes atrheatdowinegamll ivniosritsuthrgeicalbreaYtOhU,WR hPiAteToIEr NdaTrSk PspRoEtsSoEnNyTo?ur life.WNHoAmT aDtOteErShoYwOUoRldJOyoBuEmNaTyAIbLe?, denptirsotcevdeurrye6s,masonwthelsl faosr pardeescnrtiablingteeth,MRaejdorancdhaslwleonllgeensgtuhmats Bthaattswana oral health is vital to general health chemckeudpi.cThatieosnesbtio-acnonruraelcvtiesiyteseinfseucrteionsbleeadreeafasicley,dewspietchiaallryewbhlienndnyoeuss and and wellbeing. Poor oral health can be early intervention in the event that oral are brushing your teeth and Teeth the result, as well as the cause of poor disease is detected. The initial dental that are loose or moving away from general health. Some functions of the visit usually entails history taking, each other.





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