Tafic Football Club, affectionately known as Matjiminyenga, has been making waves in the Botswana Football League (BFL) this season.

Sitting comfortably in the fourth position, the team has collected an impressive 15 points from nine games, winning four, drawing three, and suffering two losses. However, their recent defeat against BDF has not dampened their spirits, as they remain determined to achieve their ambitions under the leadership of team chairman, Tumelo Toteng.

In an exclusive interview this week, Toteng emphasized the importance of maintaining a winning culture within the team to secure as many points as possible. With their eyes set on the Top 8 finish and the Orange Cup, Tafic aims to change their trophy drought, which dates back to 2002. Toteng expressed confidence in the players and the technical team, believing that they have what it takes to achieve their objectives. “We want to finish in the Top 8 and compete for the Orange Cup. The last time we won a trophy was in 2002, and we want to change that. We truly believe that we have the players and technical team to achieve our objectives,” Toteng stated with determination. When asked about the challenges faced by the team, Toteng credited PetroHyper (PH), the team’s sponsor, for ensuring the smooth running of the club. He mentioned that PH has been instrumental in taking care of the team’s welfare, including timely payment of salaries, win bonuses, and rentals. With financial stability now secured, Tafic no longer needs to juggle between the First Division and the top-tier league.“Our main issue in the





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