High five for Cheerleading


In a major milestone for Botswana’s cheerleading community, the Botswana Cheerleading Federation (BCF) successfully hosted its second national championships over the weekend.

The event, which was held in Gaborone, saw a significant increase in the number of participants and the quality of performances. The federation has expressed satisfaction with the overall turnout and its members’ achievements. This is a testament to the growth of cheerleading in Botswana and the passion of the athletes who take part in it.The Botswana Cheerleading Federation’s national championships were a resounding success, attracting a record number of over 250 athletes and different cheerleading clubs. They had 8 cheer and 3 drum majorettes’ teams, athletes had a wonderful time competing against each other and celebrating their achievements. BCF’s Public Relations Officer, Tirelo Ditshipi, said the number of teams that participated in the national championships, as well as the level of competition, was a measure of success. However, the turnout could have been even higher if not for some teams’ financial constraints that prevented them from traveling to Gaborone. Despite this, Ditshipi expressed satisfaction with the number of athletes and teams that were able to participate.

“The turnout at the national championships was very satisfying, considering the many other events happening over the weekend. Our event had to compete with other activities, but it was a great success, nonetheless. It was an exciting and exhilarating experience for the athletes, many of whom were competing for the first time. They were fascinated by the whole competition experience, and the parents were equally happy and proud to support their children. Everyone had a great time,” Ditshipi said. Ditshipi stated that having only junior teams at the championships was a positive thing for the BCF, as it means that there will be no gaps in the development and feeder teams.

This is particularly important given the large number of young athletes taking part. She went on to say that the judges were amazed by the high level of talent on display, with all the performances being exceptional. It was a difficult task to choose the winners, but in the end, they were able to select the most deserving athletes.“The growth of the sport of cheerleading in Botswana is an exciting trend to watch, with more and more teams joining the fray and the level of competition rising. But to truly achieve its potential, the sport needs more resources. A sponsor for the championships would be a game-changer, providing the necessary financial backing to take cheerleading in Botswana to the next level. With enough support, the sky’s the limit for this growing sport,” she stated. She emphasized the need for increased public awareness of cheerleading and its global growth to encourage more participation. With cheerleading now an Olympic sport, the potential for it to reach new heights is immense.

The growth of the sport has been impressive, with more and more schools and community clubs getting involved. This bodes well for the future of cheerleading in Botswana and around the world.





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