Another warning against criminals in Molepolole

Already labeled the capital city of heinous crimes, Molepolole has been trending of late, with some people even saying they are now scared of dating anyone from that village. Gatwe one man preparing to marry a Molepolole woman even refused to carry on with his wedding plans after the recent incidents of murder in the village. Now we hear how other people disappear there without a trace. Gatwe the new trend targets service providers, especially hustling handymen who would be asked to come fix one thing or the other in a house. The recent warning talked to those “ba ditiro tsa diatla,” – those who are called to come fix a lock; sink, pipes, stove, electrical fault, fridge and so forth. Gatwe the unsuspecting handyman would arrive at the home of those who called for help only to find several men waiting to pounce on him. One narrator says he had gone to a family home to fix an electrical fault. Worried about the recent disappearances of people, he called friends to go with him. He says upon arrival the owners of the home were angry with him asking why he came with other people. He says he initially thought they were worried about security issues, until several men emerged from the house asking their mate why they allowed so many of them to come. The writer says they actually found nothing was faulty and realizing what danger they could be in, they quickly dashed out to safety. So in short, people are being warned of possible ways of being kidnapped potentially for ritual purposes. So be careful out there with your movements.





Dikgang Publishing