Things men long to enjoy in marriage

A man longs to enjoy certain privileges in his marriage and the wife can help to fulfil his dreams by standing with him as he faces the challenges and opportunities of success in marriage. Wouldn’t you like to see your husband enjoy himself? I am sure you would. Allow me to help you with some tips. A man has a longing to show his wife that he is strong and capable. Beneath the surface, he wonders if he has what it takes. Men are goal-getters. They chase after goals until they attain them. They are resilient and determined to get the best out of life. Men are willing to dream with their wives. Is there something your husband always longed to do when you were first married, but he has stopped mentioning it now that you are busy with daily life? Remember that dream and pick it up from where he left it and run with him. Show him that you care and you believe in him. Help him affirm himself. He doesn’t have to compete with other men. He just needs to know that you are there to support him and dream with him. Share your dreams with him too. It is not a one-sided issue. Ask him to listen to your dreams too. A man longs to share his interests with you. It is easy for the pressures of life to crowd out the fun. Take the things your spouse likes to do and find ways to make them enjoyable for both of you. Attend a soccer game with him and support his team even if you don’t appreciate soccer the way he does. I am sure he will appreciate your support. Men want to love their wives as best as they can. When he makes a concerted effort, show your appreciation in the best way you can. Many women compare their friendships with men’s. Watch men interact with each other before you conclude they avoid close relationships. A man desires to be respected and admired by the woman he loves. The woman must become an expert on her spouse and learn to praise his strengths. The more you affirm him, the greater his confidence will be in private and in public. A man wants to communicate and be close to his wife because most men want intimacy with their wives - and not just sexually. You should allow your husband to venture into your world of thoughts by having meaningful conversations with him. Men also want to find purpose and significance. God created us with a deep desire for meaning and significance. As a wife, you need to learn how to encourage your husband. Many women hold back sincere affirmations. Know that your positive words will pave the way for your husband to do the same. You and your husband are a lifelong team. When your husband has a problem, it is your problem too. A husband longs to know he is not alone. Physical intimacy can be a barometer for your relationship. Your husband may see your physical intimacy as a signal that he is doing fine at home.





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