Mom killer abandoned by family


Murder accused Kitso Sephonono (20) cut a sorry figure when he briefly appeared before the Extension ll magistrate court this past week.

From a distance, it appeared he was all alone, with no one in sight to support him. Kitso is the prime suspect in the murder of his own mother, Thato Sephonono. Kitso is suspected to have murdered Thato in cold bold early this year in Taung, Ramotswa, where they resided.

The mother’s body was allegedly found on the floor, and she had a deep cut on her forehead suggesting that she was stabbed.

The Sephonono family and the country at large are still failing to understand how Kitso can be implicated in the death of his own mother. However, details are expected to soon emerge as police say they have now completed investigations on the matter.

Last week, court decided that the matter was ready to be committed to the High Court for trial. Kitso was given all relevant case documents from the forensics team, his psychiatric report, the charge sheet, post mortem report, as well as statements from the police and possible eye witnesses.

He was handed the bundle in court and told to go through it as he prepares for trial at the High Court. The lower court then decided that the committal will officially be done next week Tuesday to give Kitso time to go through all the documents.

Kitso has no lawyer representing him. He was alone in court and when asked if he had anything to say, he responded in the negative.

It was revealed in court that since being arrested at the beginning of this year, Kitso has never been out. He remains locked up because he is failing to find people who can help him. He has been granted bail but has no sureties to rescue him.

This publication has since learned that most of the Sephonono famiy are failing to come to terms with what has happened which could explain their hesitation to assist Kitso.

It is alleged that his family members are not ready to face him, and it will only be by a miracle that they have a change of heart anytime soon.





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