Music star ATI admits he is struggling with drug addiction

“I did not choose to be a drug addict”


Local motswako artist and rapper, Atlasaone Molemogi, widely known as ‘ATI’, has warned the public not to pass judgement on people struggling with substance abuse.

ATI was at liberty sharing his personal story about the use of dangerous drugs, like fentanyl, cocaine, Methcathinone and oxycodone. He is currently striving to overcome addiction. Giving out a motivational word at Men’s Conference organised by InChrist Bible Institute University in Cresta President hotel, ATI said he was diagnosed with addiction for these drugs, and he is currently battling the bad habit. He appealed to people in attendance to support him in achieving his aim. “I try to be open about my drug and substance abuse problem. I did not wake up one day and say I want to be a drug addict,” he said. Atasaone said addiction to drugs affects people mentally and ends up causing extreme depression and often users feel relieved only after consuming drugs. “I try to stay in my lane. I try to do what I am supposed to do and recover,” he says.

Asked about his journey with drug addiction, the 34-year-old music star explained that the downward spiral commenced at age 25. He disclosed that he grappled with numerous concerns, which he internalised without the support network of positive individuals. “The education system ingrained the belief that diligent study guarantees success, and when that did not materialise, it became a source of anxiety for me. “The pressure to make my mother proud and the reasons behind my actions all coalesced into a ticking time bomb,” he said of the worries that he encountered.

Following these struggles, he admitted turning to more dangerous drugs that nearly claimed his life. He advised the public and the gathered audience to refrain from harshly judging drug addicts. He currently receives support from like-minded gatherings, especially those that publicly address these issues. “Recovery is a gradual process and addiction is a progressive disease. Initially, you may have the ability to control yourself, but it can quickly spiral out of control, especially when you’re honest with yourself, as I am. My conscience triggers me constantly,” he noted.





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