Five Batswana journos awarded scholarships


The InChrist Bible Institute University has awarded degree-level scholarships to five accomplished journalists from diverse media outlets covering print, radio and television.

This international university, supported by contributions from Batswana citizens, provides a range of theological courses spanning certificate, diploma, degree, master’s, and PhD programmes.

Additionally, the university offers certificate courses in various subjects such as Marriage Coaching, Bible Interpretation, Youth Ministry, and Soteriology. The selected journalists will have the opportunity to choose degreelevel courses of their preference and commence classes in the upcoming year.

The recipients of the scholarships are print journalists Onneile Setlalekgosi and Potlako Bogatsu, television reporters Lame Lucas and Doulphy Nkele, as well as radio journalist Boipelo Sebedi. Expressing their gratitude, the journalists acknowledged the significant impact of the scholarship and thanked InChrist Bible Institute University for recognising the media’s contribution. Lame Lucas, who works for Ytv and writes for The Midweek Sun, emphasised the importance of such gestures in acknowledging the media’s role. Onneile Setlalekgosi, also with The Midweek Sun, believes continuous education will empower journalists to uphold integrity in a dynamic media landscape. Boipelo Sebedi, a news anchor at Duma FM, appreciated the generosity of the scholarship, recognising its substantial impact on her educational journey.

Dr Malebogo Rathedi, the Founder and Chancellor of the university, emphasised the vital role of the media in society. She highlighted the need for organisations to contribute to the development and growth of the media, considering journalists as agenda setters who should be grounded in understanding Christ.





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