Couple cohabiting for 45 years finally weds


The Clinic staff in Makaleng near Francistown, along with other public servants in the area have organised a wedding celebration for Constance Mashonja and Malle Motshegwe who have been cohabiting for 45 years.

The much-anticipated wedding ceremony will be held this weekend. In an interview with The Midweek Sun, Chief Registered Nurse, Barulaganye Madwala expressed admiration for the couple, who have spent harmonious 45 years raising their four children together.

Madwala said the clinic felt indebted to Constance Mashonja, who served as a Nurse Orderly

for over two decades at Makaleng Clinic.

Constance was recognised for her dedicated service and active involvement in the village health committee, where she continues to contribute as a vocalist and composer who often performs during events at the clinic.

Makaleng Clinic, in collaboration with other public servants, decided to make the couple’s dreams come true by uniting in solidarity to officiate their union this weekend at Mpalo ward in Makaleng. The aim of this gesture is to express love and gratitude, and to ensure the success of this special day. Madwala emphasised that the clinic’s donation covers various aspects of the wedding, including attire, tent, cake, entertainment, and food, with the intention of strengthening the couple’s personal values and positive impact. Constance Mashonja, 73, shared their love story with The Midweek Sun, recounting how she met her fiancé, Malle Motshegwe, 71, in the late ‘70s when she enrolled in a typing course as well as at her part-time job teaching nonformal adult learning.

They started cohabiting 45 years ago, as financial constraints prevented them from formalising their union. As a couple, they expressed overwhelming happiness and gratitude to God for making their dreams come true. Their four grown children are delighted that their parents are finally getting married.





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